d12 Attributes

d12 rules will use attributes common to all characters supplemented by skills the character has. It looks pretty much like 2nd edition Warhammer Fantasy RPG or Warhammer 40k RPGs, attributes are important but skills help as well, especially since skills will be cheaper (in XP) to increase when your attributes get to higher levels.. More about improving characters with XP later.

Attributes are following:

  • Fighting – Covers all sorts of personal fighting done with or without weapons.
  • Tech – Fixing and modifying tech, all repair and building skills go under this attribute.
  • Operator – Using all sorts of tech, repairing a spaceship after it has been shot is Tech attribute roll, flying the spaceship is Operator attribute roll.
  • Education – All book smart subjects go under this like history, sciences and languages.
  • Willpower – Willpower is mental toughness, it doesn’t have many skills for mundane characters. It is important for all sorts of mystic power users. One important skill is Combat Experience (more on it later).
  • Empathy – All social skills go under this one. Not exactly sure if it is necessary, I could go completely old school and remove social skills entirely but I’ve been thinking of a faction system where player character rule their own faction/kingdoms/planets etc. which would need them.
  • Wits – Quick thinking and perception, not that many skills or different uses but definitely important.
  • Agility – Whole body coordination like acrobatics, climbing and such that rpg action heroes tend to do a lot.
  • Stamina – Physical toughness, you want lot of this if plan on doing fighting and receive lots of blows and live to tell the tale.
  • Strength – Raw physical ability like carrying and lifting stuff and melee damage.

Ordinary humans have attributes at average of 6. This means that ordinary humans have ~80% chance to make difficulty 15 (normal) rolls but have to get lucky to make difficulty 20 (professional ability) rolls, ~54% chance. See statistics from AnyDice (set Data to “At Least”). That sound about right, starting PCs can do ordinary stuff easily but have to work on getting favorable conditions, help or plain luck to do really extraordinary stuff.

Player characters start as ordinary humans so attributes can be randomly generated by rolling 1d4+4 in order for the attributes listed above.


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