d12 Skills

d12 has skills in addition to attributes. What follows is the skill list commonly available to all characters. What is not included are skills related to using various psychic/magical powers, they’ll be detailed with rest of the rules for those powers.

Skills are never rolled alone, they are always used in addition to attributes when rolling to see if character succeeds in a task. Attributes can be rolled on their own but if a skill would apply in the situation and the character doesn’t have it he rolls his attribute with 2 penalty dice (untrained skill roll). In some cases, unless the character has skill at rank 0 or higher, he can’t even try the action.

Skills have been organized under attributes that usually apply to their use. The attributes are not written in stone, they can be changed if common sense says something else fits better. Also this skill list might be missing something essential, if so it will be added when I notice it.

  • Fighting
    • Unarmed – Fighting without weapons or with natural weapons if you happen to be something else than human or have cybernetic implant claws for example.
      • Specialization: Offense or Defense (can’t have both) or specific style if there ever happens to be one, should have bonuses and penalties to different action to balance it out against straight offense/defense specializations
    • Melee – All kinds of hand held muscle powered weapons in personal combat, whether it is properly balanced sword in a duel or broken bottle in bar fight.
      • Specializations: Offense or Defense or specific weapon like longsword or broken bottle
    • Throwing – Throwing stuff and hitting where you want with the thrown thing, can be used with Agility as well if you’re not trying to kill people with the things you throw.
      • Specializations: None?
    • Guns – Using all sorts of hand held direct fire weapons like slug throwers, lasers, blasters, generic scifi ray gun or similar things.
      • Specializations: Offense or Defense, specific gun like blaster pistol or assault rifle
    • Heavy Weapons – All man-portable support weapons including both direct and indirect fire weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers and grenade launchers
      • Specializations: specific weapons
  • Tech
    • Computers – Using computers and computer programming. Using computers is not rolled for basic task unless you are in a hurry.
      • Specializations: Specific types of systems/programs or activity, for example, security systems, hacking, networking and database queries
    • Robotics – Building, fixing and modifying robots of various kinds. Includes programming basic functions of robots like walking. More complex programming is done using computers skill. When combined with medicine this skill can be used to create cybernetic replacement parts and implants.
      • Specializations: specific types of robot  (humanoid, tracked independent vehicles, space probes etc.) or cybernetics
    • Medicine – Advanced medical procedures and long term care. This is the kind of stuff that is done in hospitals and can actually make you feel better in long term. First Aid skill is used to make quick fixes that keep you going or keep you alive until someone with this skill can patch you up. Required for installing cybernetic or biotech parts, replacements and enhancements.
      • Specializations: surgery, cybernetics, biotech, long term care, any specific field of medicine from real world
    • Electronics – Building, fixing and modifying all kinds of electronics and electric circuitry. This skill is required to build lots different kinds of gadgets.
      • Specialization: specific kinds of devices or circuitry
    • Biotech – Creation and fixing (healing) of various biotech devices like air filtration systems, waste recycling, hydroponic farms or organ and limb transplants. Another use for this skill is genetic engineering and all related things.
      • Specializations: specific biotech devices, implants or genetic engineering specific changes (fixing genetic diseases, mixing species or creating entirely new living things).
    • Weaponry – Building, fixing and modifying all kinds of weapons both man-portable and vehicle mounted.
      • Specialization: specific kinds of weapons like slug throwers or spaceship mounted particle beams or planetary bombardment mass drivers
    • Vehicle Systems – All other systems aboard vehicles that are not weapons, computers or electronics. This includes all types of power plants and engines, shield, armor, hull/chassis, maneuvering systems etc.
      • Specializations: specific system type like fusion power plants, shields or sensors
    • Hyper Tech – Catch all skill for all tech related to traveling to hyperspace and back out. Also includes everything jump gate related.
      • Specializations: Specific systems like hyper drives or jump gates
  • Operator
    • Driving – Operating any kind of vehicle that moves on the ground with wheels, tracks, skids or through some other method of locomotion. The essential limitation is that the vehicle travels in 2D.
      • Specialization: specific type of vehicle like truck or hovercraft
    • Piloting – Operating any kind of flying vehicle (whether atmosphere or space) that moves in 3D.
      • Specialization: specific type of vehicle like atmospheric shuttle or light deep space transport
    • Gunnery – Operating vehicle mounted weapons.
      • Specialization: specific weapons like particle beams or guided bombs
    • Shields – Operating various kinds of energy shields whether mounted on vehicles, buildings or objects.
      • Specialization: none
    • Sensors – Operating all kinds of remote sensing equipment to gain data from the surroundings.
      • Specialization: none
    • Communications – Operating all kinds of communication devices like man-portable radios, satellite up-links and relay towers.
      • Specialization: none
    • Space Navigation – Using navigation equipment to plot courses in 3D space. This is usually under operator attribute because you have various machines to help you in the task. If you don’t have such luxuries the rolls are made using education and it takes a lot more time.
      • Specialization: none
    • Hyper Navigation – Using specialized navigation equipment to plot course through hyper space. Using education is an option if you don’t have appropriate equipment.
      • Specialization: none
    • Demolitions – Setting explosives to cause maximum damage or specific kind of damage like making buildings collapse to certain direction.
      • Specialization: none
  • Education
    • Law – Knowledge of law and legal procedures and bureaucracy. Knowing how to handle paperwork.
      • Specialization: specific city, nation, solar system or other such entity
    • History – Knowledge of past events through written history or oral tradition.
      • Specialization: same as law above or specific period of history
    • Sciences – Academic knowledge of all kinds of physical sciences.
      • Specialization: specific physical science
    • Business – Business administration, accounting, marketing, sales, everything needed to run successful company and make profit.
      • Specialization: specific area of running a business
    • Anthropology – Knowledge of cultures, societies and different people.
      • Specialization: Specific academics field, culture/people, or location as in law.
    • Geography – Knowledge of maps, land formations and meteorology .
      • Specializations: specific area (continent, planet, asteroid belt)
    • Survival – Surviving in is harsh or hostile environments without proper equipment or food/water. Can also be used to spot hazards in foreign environments by rolling with Wits.
      • Specialization: specific environment
    • Hyper Lore – Everything related to hyper dimensions and how they are different from real world.
      • Specialization: none
  • Willpower
    • Combat Experience – How well the character handles sudden tress, violence and plain killer’s instinct. Very crucial in combat, used to roll initiative and determines who can act in combat if someone is surprised. See combat rules for more uses for this skill.
      • Specialization: none
    • Willpower – Mental toughness, resisting all kinds of manipulation (torture, seduction etc.), mind control attempts and magical effects.
      • Specialization: resisting wound penalties, staying conscious
  • Empathy
    • Bluff – All kinds of non-truthful interaction, lying, half-truths and manipulation.
      • Specialization: none
    • Charm – Using force of personality to make good impression on other people.
      • Specialization: none
    • Intimidate – Scaring people to do things you want them to do even against their will.
      • Specialization: none
    • Diplomacy – Using rhetoric and non-offensive language to negotiate with people and get them to do what you want. Often includes making compromises or trading favors.
      • Specialization: none
    • Leadership – Leading groups of people in all kinds of task to achieve greater results than everyone working individually.
      • Specialization: specific kind of group, like spaceship crew or infantry squad
  • Wits
    • Planetary Navigation – Navigating in 2D space by observing landmarks or simple maps. Can also be used with Operator if you have sophisticated navigation equipment available.
      • Specialization: none
    • Perception – Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling your surroundings, usually without help from any equipment.
      • Specialization: none
    • Gambling – Playing and winning all kinds of game of chance, also covers cheating in these games.
      • Specialization: specific game
    • Forgery – Forging all kinds of items and documents. Physical objects are forged with wits, electronic documents are forged with tech or possibly with education.
      • Specialization: specific type of goods or documents
    • Streetwise – Knowledge of the criminal world and how to navigate it. Knowledge how to find shady deals and goods.
      • Specialization: specific criminal organizations or location like law specialization
    • First Aid – Skill of quickly cleaning and binding wounds to stop bleeding and keeping the patient alive. Can’t be used for long term care of patients.
      • Specialization: none
  • Agility
    • Sleight of Hand – Skill of performing small tricks and pickpocketing unsuspecting people or hiding small items in your person.
      • Specialization: none
    • Athletics – Climbing, jumping, running, all kinds of physical activity or sports.
      • Specialization: specific activity like climbing or running
    • Beast Riding – Riding all kinds of trained or wild beast
      • Specialization: Specific type of creature
    • Acrobatics – Balance on narrow surfaces, perform flips, rolls, jumps or all of the previously mentioned things in an entertaining way. Creative uses possible in combat (dodging).
      • Specialization: specific trick
  • Stamina
    • Stamina – Physical toughness, ability to withstand long constant physical activity, base stun points.
      • Specialization: stun points, resisting wound penalties, staying conscious, endurance
  • Strength
    • No skills directly for strength but determines how much character can carry around or how heavy loads he can lift of the ground. Also determines part of melee damage in combat.

Specializations give the character one bonus die per rank of specialization to all rolls that fall under the specialization.


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