d12 Combat, Initiative

Basic mechanics have been covered time to move on to crunchy bits, combat rules. I want action in this game so the combat rules will be fairly detailed from the start. Another thing I want to do with the combat rules is show various ways degrees of success can be used so they other mini rule systems can be derived on them mid game if need arises.

Combat Round

  • Characters act in initiative order, highest first
  • Minimum initiative is 0, when various stun recovery checks are made
  • Combat round is 6 seconds
  • Current Initiative is the initiative count of the character acting at the moment


  • Roll Initiative
    • Combat Experience (Willpower) skill roll
      • Difficulty 10 if you initiated combat
      • Difficulty 15 if you were wary and expected combat
      • Difficulty 20 if you if you can see the other party starting hostilities
      • Difficulty 25 if you are surprised
        • If something particularly scary is involved in combat the scared party gets penalty dice to Combat Experience roll
    • If character fails the Combat Experience roll he can’t act normally during the first round of combat
      • If the character is fearless (whatever the means, being robot, drugs, magic , training…) he can only freeze
        • Frozen characters can’t act or move during their turn and defend themselves with three penalty dice
      • Non-fearless characters can also run and scream
        • The character moves at full speed to random direction when his turn cover and tries to reach some kind of cover, if he reaches it he freezes there
      • Characters that failed the initial Combat Experience roll again at the start of each combat turn until they succeed or the combat ends. Each subsequent Combat Experience roll difficulty is reduced by 5 down to minimum of 10
  • Characters act in initiative order = result of Combat Experience roll (no degrees of success counted)
    • If character becomes stunned or some other way unable to act his initiative drop immediately to 0
    • When he is again able to act he roll new initiative check just like in the start of the combat, difficulty 15,
      • If character is stunned before he manages to act (whether he succeeded in his initial Combat Experience roll or not) the difficulty of CE roll after recovering from the stun is the difficulty rolled at the start of the combat, this is increased by 5 if the character is not fearless
  • Character can volentarily drop  his initiative to any positive number lower than his current initiative
  • Character can wait for specific trigger before acting
    • Character must specify the exact action he takes when the trigger condition comes up
    • If the trigger doesn’t happen during the combat round the character doesn’t act during that round, he acts at his original initiative on next round
    • If the trigger is some action by other character(s) that the character wants to interrup the character must win the opposing character in Combat Experience check
      • In case the waiting character wins, his initiative is set to the same as the current initiative
      • If waiting character loses, his initiative is set to current -1 and he takes the chosen action at that initiative
    • If the trigger comes and the character wants to abort his action he is required to take Combat Experience check with 20 difficulty
      • If the check fails the character takes the action he prepared
      • On success the character doesn’t need to act and he can’t do anything else during the rest of the round
      • If character has 2 degrees of success on the Combat Experience check he can act normally later during the combat round, his new initiative is current initiative halved (round down)
  • Character can skip his turn and get +15 to his initiative count starting the next turn

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