d12 Quick Character Creation

I got an idea of how to make characters quickly for my d12 rules. My original idea was to provide ready templates that listed bunch of skills the character gets after rolling attributes but this is simpler alternative that requires no effort on GMs part to create the templates.

First, we remove the untrained skills rule, meaning that all characters effective have all skills at rank 0. No rolling with penalty dice if you don’t know the skill.

Then roll your character’s attributes, 2d6 in order to Fighting, Tech, Operator, Education, Willpower, Empathy, Wits, Agility, Stamina and Strength. Pick name, equipment and fill other details you want and your character is ready to play. Everything you do with your character is simple attribute roll and you can purchase skills later with experience.

This is useful if the game is more like old school dungeon crawl were PC death count is high and new characters are needed regularly. It is faster than for example Pathfinder RPG character creation, of course in Pathfinder your not expected to change characters like socks.

This kind of play starts with just few stats on paper and simple idea who the character is (like soldier, merchant, scholar). The player discovers through play and his actions who and what his character is exactly. I like this kind of organic character growth. Another theory is that the character must prove his worth by staying alive before he can get access to advanced game mechanics.


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