d12 Characters

Long time no see. Trial by fire for d12 rules was last Wednesday when I started a play test campaign with extended character creation / rules explanation session.

First, here’s the Character Sheet.

I changed up the list of attributes and skills somewhat from the earlier post but the mechanics are the same. Attributes are the basic stats you use when making rolls to see if you can do something. Basic roll is 2d12 + attribute vs. difficulty.

Basic skills are things every character knows at effective rank 0. They can be used without penalties. Skill rank is added directly to the attribute when rolling to complete a task.

Advanced skills are everything that is not a basic skills. No complete list of advanced skills exist yet but one might be made in the future. Advanced skills can be bought with experience either during character creation or at later time. When character tries to do something governed by advanced skill he doesn’t have one of two things happens. Either the character can’t even try the thing because he doesn’t have the slightest clue about the thing or he can roll with two penalty dice. Otherwise advanced skills work exactly like basic skills.

Specializations can be taken for most skills. They are narrow fields of knowledge within any one skills. Specializations can have rank of 1 or 2 and they give their rank in bonus dice to all rolls governed by the specialization.

Character Creation

  • Decide if you are native to the Dyson World’s renaissance German period Empire or are you “volunteer” brought to the Dyson World by the Guild from any of the multiple stars/planets humanity inhabits
    • Basically you choose what level of technology and magic you are familiar with
  • Decide if you are magic sensitive
    • Magic sensitivity is yes/no choice you can only make during character creation that decides whether or not you can use magic
    • You can be magic sensitive but not know any magic or spells, such latent mages tend to lead interesting lives due to strange things happening around them due to their sensitivity and uncontrolled powers
  • Roll 2d4 in order for all your attributes, Strength, Stamina, Agility, Power, Education, Empathy, Wits, Willpower
  • You can swap any two attribute values if you want
  • All basics skills start at rank 0, no advanced skills, specialization or talents
  • Spend 500 XP
  • List mundane equipment appropriate for your character (as approved by the GM), basically one proper weapon, armor and mundane adventuring equipment

Spending XP is covered in another post, same for equipment and talents.


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