d12 Combat, Attack & Defense

Combat in d12 works with two basic rolls, to-hit (opposed by targets defense) and to-damage (opposed by target armor + Stamina). This post is about to-hit.

  • If there is no active defense, attack is simple success roll with difficulty of 15
  • If target of the attack tries to defend himself he uses similar combat skill the attacker uses and the roll is opposed
    • Unarmed, Melee and Throwing attacks can be defended by any skill from the same list
    • Bows, Guns and Heavy Weapons can be defended by any skill from the same list
  • Range is handled with penalty dice in ranged combat, point blank is bonus dice
    • Point blank +1 die
    • Short – no modifier
    • Medium -1 die
    • Long -2 dice
    • Extreme -3 dice
  • Cover / concealment gives bonus dice to defender (applies both to ranged and melee combat)
    • Light +1 dice (small bushes, fence, max 1/4 concealed)
    • Medium +2 dice (solid obstacles, low walls, rubble, light smoke, max 1/2 concealed)
    • Heavy +3 dice (prepared positions, smoke, poor light, max 3/4 concealed)
    • Extreme +4 dice (bunker firing holes, heavy smoke, near total darkness, 9/10 concealed)
  • Jumping for cover
    • When character comes under attack and is aware of it he can get 2 bonus dice to his defense roll but his initiative is halved, also the character might end by in bad position resulting in penalty dice to his next action

Hit Locations

  • After successful attack the attacker must determine hit location using d12
    • 1 – Head
    • 2 – Left Arm
    • 3 – Left Hand
    • 4 – Right Arm
    • 5 – Right Hand
    • 6 – Full Body
    • 7 – Chest
    • 8 – Stomach
    • 9 – Left Leg
    • 10 – Left Foot
    • 11 – Right Leg
    • 12 – Right Foot
  • ┬áNormal attack use one hit location die
  • If the location hit is covered by obstacle it is hit instead of the target
  • Attacker can use his degree of success to roll more dice and choose the result he wants (1 die per degree)
  • Alternatively attacker can spend 4 degrees of success to pick the location hit without rolling dice
  • Attacker can use degrees of success on attack roll to penetrate armor, one degree ignores one armor die

Any degrees of success left from to-hit roll can be used in to-damage roll.


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