d12 Task Resolution

Everything in d12 follows these basic task resolution rules.


Rolls are made vs. difficulty with following scale:

  • 5 – everyday stuff, you really shouldn’t roll unless failure has interesting results, everyone should be able to do this
  • 10 – normal, average people succeed most of the time, unless out adventuring might not warrant a roll
  • 15 – average, normal people succeed about 50% of the time
  • 20 – difficult, requires professional level of skill and preferably some talent to succeed regularly
  • 25 – very hard, you better know what you are doing
  • 30+ – good luck

Task Resolution

Attribute + Skill rank + 2d12 (+ specialization bonus dice) (+ bonus/penalty dice from modifiers) (+ equipment) (+ misc) vs. Difficulty

  •  Each full 5 points above or under the difficulty is a degree of success/failure
  • Character can use degrees of success to negotiate extra information/benefits with the GM
  • GM can use degrees of failure to introduce hindurances to the character
  • Combat has some ready defined uses for degrees of success

Bonus and penalty dice are additional d12 the player rolls in addition to the regular two dice. If the roll has bonus dice the player takes two highest individual d12 rolls and adds them together for the final result. With penalty dice, two lowest d12 are used for the total. In case of both bonus and penalty dice they cancel each other out on 1:1 basis until there is neither or only bonus or penalty dice in the roll.


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