Today was a good day. Today mail delivered some dice.

GameScience DiceThose are GameScience dice by the way. They are not available in Finland (to my knowledge) and all places I’ve found on the net have quite high postage. I got this bunch from Finnish miniature wargaming forum, one guy had had small web shop selling miniatures, wargames and related stuff but closed shop and was selling his remaining stock cheap. Being the collector I am, I naturally bought his remaining stock of pretty colored precise dice.

Players beware, I’m rolling random numbers!

In other dice related news.

Hit Location DiceI’ve actually had these for some time but these little fellows where part of the inspiration for doing d12 based RPG rules and entirely responsible for the hit location rules. If I hadn’t found out these I might have left hit locations out of the picture or done different hit location system. Thanks to there being ready dice with hit locations I built my rules around these dice. They are made by Koplow Games.


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