Communist miner rebellion

First session of my d12 play test campaign took pleasantly surprising direction.

This was the very first session of the campaign so some basics things got written down first. The starting place of the campaign is the City of Snakes and the local lord is Count Thaddeus Snake who’s ancestors stole wisdom from snakes and tamed the land. City of Snakes has university where you can study theology and  sciences. The count is great benefactor of the university and especially the sciences department. Considering that the world is based on Renaissance period Germany this is exceptional. Another exceptional thing just outside the town is the star faring Guild’s compound.

All good stories need an inn so we got one, the Huge Crow. Huge Crow is favored by student and university faculty, food and beer are plentiful and cheap. The specialty of the place is that there chess sets on every table. Huge Crow servers as the home base for our intrepid heroes and this is where they started gathering their first rumors about what was going on in the county. After buying some drink and touring other local bars as well the player characters managed to hear following rumors:

  • Journeyman Sengi is buying corpses.
  • The Guild has brought orc like mercenaries to City of Snakes for some special purpose.
  • There is rebellion in the eastern mines.
  • Mole people have been spotted in the west.
  • Nephew of count Thaddeus has been slain, killer wanted, reward.
  • Snake Delta has Yellow Lotus available, the count is concerned, reward.
  • Fenno barbarians are migrating to south (later in session)

The PCs being fresh adventures wanted excitement and money. Especially our failed Guild real estate trader who had plans for a resort by the Cold Lake further inland. She needed lots of money and favors to actually get her hands on some land that was owned by feudal lords. Based on this putting down miner rebellion sounded like really good idea.

PCs did some further inquiries about the rebellion and learned that the mining town of East Tinbluff had some trouble with local miners. The count had increased their taxes and the production had to be almost doubled. Some miners where not happy about the extra work without extra pay. Baron of East Tinbluff, Eugen Eagle and Miner’s guild were having troubles containing the situation and keeping the tin flowing from the mines. The PCs decided to go there and solve the situation and collect reward from grateful nobles and guild masters.

Plot thickened when the heroes met some a Miner’s guild master Eckbert Blume with armed escort outside the city next day. Being the savvy business man you expect from trade guild master Eckbert recognized adventurers and hired them to go to East Tinbluff and deal with Jurgen, son of Tobias who was agitating the miners by demanding more pay for the extra work done. The guild wanted to make sure that production would continue, some losses where acceptable. The self proclaimed real estate queen tried to show how savvy business woman she was and tried to haggle the reward up. She wasn’t quite that savvy and the original 100 gold pieces went down to 80 gold pieces when she made a fool of herself.

The PCs continue their journey to the east with letter of recommendation from the guild master. Their life looked good until they came to small village on shores of Cold Lake. There they met what turned out to be an agitator speaking to local crow about how there was a liberation coming for the working man from the east. Local guards where keeping a close watch on the possible trouble and the PCs decided to continue on to avoid any trouble they were not getting paid for.

PCs made it to East Tinbluff and started to ask about the local rumors. One PC was local and went to ask his old friends while other asked the bartender of local tavern. They found out that the miner where having gatherings where they grumbled about the shitty treatment they were getting and they were disrupting normal work. The locals were afraid that soon the situation would escalate to the point of bloodshed with local guards.

After some planning the PCs decided to discredit the leader of the rebellion, Jurgen. He had red hair which is distinctly Fenno barbarian trait and they started to spread rumors that he was paving way for Fenno invasion with all killing, maiming, raping and looting included. One of the PCs went to work on the tin mine to get close to Jurgen and get inside information.

At this point we ended the session.

Most of the stuff that happened in this session where based on one simple rumor and couple of random encounters. I really like it when GMing is this easy.


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