d12 Magic, Spellcasting

Second part of the magic rules.

How mages cast spells and what skills they use and all miscellaneous weirdness and little things that come from using magic.

Magic Skills

  • Channeling
    • Advanced skill used to cast spells
    • Mages channel energy from Sea of Chaos/Hyper dimensions to power their spells
    • No specializations
  • Energy Manipulation
    • Advanced skill used to control magical energies
    • Used to prevent side effects or control them
    • Specialization
      • Resistance, resist hostile spells
      • Control, preventing and controlling side effects or manipulating ongoing magical effects
      • Store, temporarily store channeled energy to gather enough for big effects

Casting spells

  • To cast a spell Mage must beat spell difficulty with Power (Channeling) roll
    • Roll is modified by current wave height (bonus or penalty)
  • If casting difficulty is very high mage can channel multiple times and store the energy he gathers each time
    • Each time mage tries to gather energy he makes normal Power (Channeling) roll against difficulty of 0 and notes his degrees of success
    • He then makes Power(Energy Manipulation/Store) roll to see if he can keep the energy under control
      • Store difficulty is 15 if the mage currently has equal or less degrees of successess stored than his Power, each additional degree increases the difficulty by 5
      • If storing fails, immeately check magical side effects
    • Once mage has some energy stored he can keep it stored by making a Power(Energy Manipulation/Store) roll with difficulty as above once every Power combat rounds
    • If mage storing energy takes damage or is otherwise startled (usually something requiring Willpower rolls) he must immediately make another Store roll to maintain his energy
    • When mage has energy stored and is casting a spell he can use that energy as a bonus to his Power (Channeling) roll, each degree gives him +5 to his roll
      • If mage can beat the spell difficulty entirely with stored energy the spell succeeds automatically, just check magical side effects like below
    • If mage loses his stored energy see magical side effects on how to resolve them

 Spell Control

    • After spell is cast the mage must make Power (Energy Manipulation/Control) roll to see if any magical side effects occur
      • Difficulty is 10 + 5x degrees of success in spell casting Power (Channeling) roll
      • If failed, see magical side effects
  •  Mages can volentarily try channel less energy to limit the side effects of the spell
    • Each penalty die the mage takes to his Power (Channeling) roll lower spell control difficulty by 5, minimum of 0
  • Alternatively, mages can overchannel to get more power regardless of consequences
    • Each bonus die the mage takes to his Power (Channeling) roll increase spell control difficulty by 5
    • IF mage overchannels to store energy he must check Spell Control after the attempt with difficulty of 5x degrees of success in the roll

Resisting Spells

  • With resisted spells the mage must win the targets resistance roll with his Power (Channeling) roll
    • In addition the Power (Channeling) roll must beat the spell difficulty
  • Non-magically sensitives
    • More difficult to affect with magic as they are “out of phase” with magical energies
    • Non-sensitives resist spells with higher of their Power or Willpower with 2 bonus dice
  • Magically sensitives
    • Magically sensitives always resist spells with Power (Energy Manipulation/Resistance) roll

Magical Side Effects

Magically Sensitive characters without magical training

  • Characters that don’t know either Channeling or Energy Manipulation skills
  • Characters are latent mages and may accidentally manifest magical effects under stress
    • When character is under stress there is 1 in 6 chance that magical side effects manifests
    • If the effect has target (caster or otherwise) half the time the effect affects the source of stress and the other half the character
    • Exactly what is considered stress is up to GM and player of the characters
    • Combat is always stressful but don’t roll every round
      • Getting wounded and spectacular failures count

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