d12 Magic, Spells

Spells (so far) are based on D&D spells and modified to d12 system. I might start writing original spells sometime but at the moment I’ll use what is available.

Spell Stats

All spells have following stats.

  • Casting Difficulty (10+)
  • Learning Difficulty (10+)
  • Resisted (yes/no)
  • Target (self/single/multiple target/area)
  • Range (touch/range/line of sight/plane/unlimited)
  • Casting time
  • Duration
  • Description (including scaling effects)

As general scaling effect for all spells that can be resisted, extra degrees of success can be used to give the target penalty dice to the resistance roll.

Learning Spells and Magical Writings

  • Beginning characters start with Read Magic and 1d4 randomly determined spells
    • All the spells the character knows are stored in his spell book
  • Character can learn more by studying written copy of the spell and making successful Education (Magical Lore) roll vs. Spell’s learning difficulty
    • If successful the character learns the spell and can use it thereafter and make written copies of the spell, including copying it to his spell book
  • Mages must consult their spell books at least once a week to keep spell knowledge fresh in their memory
      • For every missed week of study the mage has 1 penalty die to his Power (Channeling) checks to cast spells and he can’t use purely stored energy to cast spells without making Power (Channeling) roll
  • Making a copy of spell requires arcane inks that cost 10x spell’s learning difficulty in silver pieces.
  • Reading a magical writing that is not made by you requires the use Read Magic spell

 Casting a spell from magical writing

  • If mage has access to magical writing of a spell he has successfully interpreted with Read Magic he can try to cast the spell with 2 penalty dice straight from the writing
  • Casting straight from written source without learning the spell takes 4 times the normal casting time

And to finish this post, here is how Cure Light Wounds looks in d12 system.

Cure Wounds (Reversible)

  • Casting Difficulty: 15
  • Learning Difficulty: 15
  • Resisted: Yes
  • Target: One creature
  • Range: Touch
  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Duration: Instantaneous

Cure wounds allows mage to lay hands upon a wounded creature, restoring 1d12 stun points to the spell’s recipient. The reverse of the spell operates in the same manner (although requiring a to hit roll), but inflicts 1d12 stun points of damage (soaked only by Stamina) rather than healing. If the mage fails to hit while casting cause wounds, the spell is lost.

Mage can heal/cause additional d12 stun points per degree of success. Alternatively, if the mage spends one degree of success he can cure one wound by one degree and one additional degree per degree of success.


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