When in doubt, have some mushrooms

Couple of days ago we played the second part of the adventure in East Tinbluff where the miners were restless. Probably should have written this couple of days ago but Skyrim and Battlefield 3 happened like they usually do. Let’s hope I remember all the important details and observation I made during the session.

One of the PCs had gotten a job at the mine and he was invited to bring himself and his pickaxe for a meeting during lunch hour. He did so and found out that their foreman and leader of the rebellion Jurgen had heard about some foreign woman telling lies about him around the town. They were going to go throw her out of town with force if necessary. This of cource was one of the PCs in last session.

Our here at the mine was torn between staying hidden and warning his companions/employer. In the end he didn’t go with rest of the miners but tried to follow them quietly and deliver warning before they got to their target. That didn’t completely succeed.

Meanwhile, our new players (rich tourist and idle noble dilettante/mage) where asking questions around the town, rather bluntly (the noble asks local miner “Is there somesort of rebellion going on?”). Thanks to this he was included in the target list for the miners. So everyone showed up at the roadside inn favored by the merchants heading to the Great Eastern Road.

Miners immediately demanded that nobles and foreign woman leave the town. They were not really interested about that and it seemed the situation would get violent. After some really good bargaining and social skill rolls the miners didn’t rough up the little foreign woman today, they would give her one day to get out but they did insist that the noble who seemed to know what they were doing should leave immediately. They actually escorted him outside town but then realized that their plan had one problem, they couldn’t stay and watch that he would actually go any further.

Anyways, violence averted for the time being the PCs being PCs started planning retaliation. They went to see the captain of the guard and told that nobleman had been threatened by local rabble but managed to give so confusing tale that the guard captain was not totally convinced and only promised additional patrols around the inn. Back at the inn the players started building barricades in the inn and making bombs. Then they came up with a plan to poison Jurgen with mushroom, more precisely amanita virosa. The plan was the their insider hunter would have a party with the miners that started with booze and innocent hallucinogenic mushrooms and later the deadly one. They even started rumors that Jurgen was now to do this sort of Fenno barbarian mushroom abuse. They were getting payed only if Jurgen died in accident.

We moved on to execution of the plan and it went smoothly, the hunter had gained the trust of the other miners and they stayed with him for after work booze and mushroom party. Others were mostly laying low and waiting for news.

The plan worked and in the morning Jurgen and couple of his miner buddies were found dead near the mine. Rumors started flying around the town and the PCs stayed put to avoid any suspicion. In the end they got their reward and a bonus as well. In age old tradition, the new guys got less of a pay then the rest of the PCs and the one who negotiated the bonus got to keep it all.

Next time it seems that we are having more traditional fantasy adventures since the players were most interested in chasing a rumor about rampaging dragon on the Great Eastern Road and the reward for its head (preferably only the head).

Lessons learned:

  • Players seem to respond to violence with violence, even the threat of violence is met with deadly force. Of course I should have known this since I’m a player myself but some things seem to slip from my mind when I put on the GM hat. I was prepared to continue PR-war against the miners but after they came rattling the cage the players moved straight to black ops mode. Oh well, the session still worked out.
  • Ranger are bad assess. The hunter PC pretty much came up with the idea of using mushrooms to poison Jurgen and executed the plan. This I knew since I have played rangers a lot in past campaigns.

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