Grand Theft Donkey

Long time no see, time to get updating again, starting easy with one session report from very home brew old school D&D campaign.

Session report 31.7.2012

Today’s session opened with one returning player so we had bit of character creation/logistics to do at the beginning as well as figuring out where everyone was after summer break.

When we had organized our lines we had three heroes for today, Jivin the Amazing Iron Legged Man (your narrator), father Padre, devout follower of Harry and Abbas Jewish alchemist/medicine man. We decided to go investigate village of Orlan due to rumors of poisoned wells, mystic evil, charmed villagers and many-headed beast snatching children in the night.

We considered getting henchmen before heading out but when our shrewd jew started thinking about money we decided to hire local who might want to provide warm bodies for free or cheaply if we helped them. So straight to Orlan.

On the way we met rag tag group of travelers who came through the Great Swamp but surprisingly they were just travelers and no violence was necessary. We arrived to the village and split the party to cover more ground and went to search for clues about what was going on in the village. Father Padre went to village church, Abbas went from door to door to peddle his ointments and get to know the locals and I went to nearest inn, Golden Wheat, to get rooms for us and talk to the innkeeper.

Villagers seemed to be of the introverted and reclusive type. Abbas couldn’t get anything out of the villagers or sell anything to them, he just met doors slammed to his face. He wondered around the village and noticed multiple abandoned houses in disrepair. He also found another inn in village, Sleepy Snake. People in Sleepy Snake where the first ones that provided some helpful clues on the situation, the inn-keep told us to go to talk to old man Ramne if we wanted to hear what was really going on in the village.

Meanwhile, I entered the nearest inn to the road we had been traveling called Golden Wheat. There were couple of grumpy locals we had seen around the village but rather jovial innkeeper who provided us with rooms, food and drink at surprisingly reasonable prizes. When I asked the inn-keep about all the rumors he said that he hadn’t heard anything of that sort.

The church was a church of some minor saint of agriculture which confused father Padre quite a bit. He let his scrutinizing eye scan the whole church and he even interviewed the priestess but couldn’t find anything out of the place in the church except the saint he hadn’t newer heard of. The priestess hadn’t heard anything about the rumors why we came to the village.

After the initial foray we met at Golden Wheat and went through our findings which were slim. Only odd thing was that no one seemed to have heard the rumors we had heard. We decided that Me and Padre would go to find the old man Ramne while Abbas would use his alchemical knowledge to check the water in the well. Things got suspicious when the innkeeper offered us free beer. Abbas didn’t think too much about it and drank heartily… and didn’t suddenly collapse foaming from the mouth. Father though it was wiser to stick with wine and I drank the beer although it seemed rather suspicious.

After we left for our next destinations all started to feel bit ill and when we later compared the symptoms the conclusion was that someone had given us sleeping drug but it hadn’t taken full effect on our hardened adventurer bodies. Abbas checked the well and noticed something odd about the water but couldn’t say exactly what it was.

Me and Padre found old man Ramne’s cabin outside the village in forest but he seemed rather distrusting. We couldn’t get him to say anything but when we asked him about the various rumors surrounding the village he definitely reacted in a way that told us he knew things.

We all met back at Golden Wheat and decided to pay the last visit to village constable. He either hadn’t heard of anything about the rumors surrounding the village which in the end was not that surprising. If I wanted to covertly take over the village the constable would be the first person I would charm to side. Things started to look even more suspicious when he asked how long we planned to stay and strongly recommended Golden Wheat over Sleepy Snake. It started to look obvious that the constable and innkeeper of Golden Wheat were one of “them”.

We returned to Golden Wheat and tried to change inn but the overly helpful innkeeper told that they had already taken our thing to our rooms. We went to check our rooms and the obvious bad thing was that they didn’t have windows (for easy escape). The paranoia was running quite high at this point and we bluntly walked out. The desperate innkeeper offered us the night for half prize. This did two things. First me and Padre walked out even faster (even leaving our donkeys) but Abbas, being stingy Jew decided to stay.

Me and Padre went to Sleepy Snake and got a room there (with a window!) and kept over the night to be sure. We didn’t have any trouble over the night. Abbas on the other hand unknownst to us had. He decided to be extra careful and nailed his room door shut from the inside. Even that didn’t help and he was attacked during the night by group of men(?). After short struggle they managed to subdue him with some alchemical compound on a cloth held to his face.

Next morning when we came back to Golden Wheat to check on Abbas and retrieve our donkeys the innkeeper told us that he had already left back to town. We checked the room and found the nail marks on the door but nothing else. Then we checked the donkeys and my donkey and Padre’s saddle backs were missing. This sounded mighty suspicious. We knew Abbas was stingy as they come and he had taken my donkey that had seen quite many adventures already while his own donkey still had the new donkey smell on it. It made absolutely no sense why he would have taken the worse donkey.

We took our donkeys to Sleepy Snake and asked the innkeeper there about this odd situation and he seemed to know what was going on but didn’t say anything else. We went back to old man Ramne and when told him all that had happened and that we thought that the constable and innkeeper of Golden Wheat were in league with each other and had done something to Abbas he finally started talking. He told us that he though some villagers had joined some kind of a cult. Villagers went missing for some time and came back as changed men not saying anything about the time they were gone. He also confirmed that the people of Sleepy Snake were not among the cultists. At this point we started to think that either we where going to get the hell out of this god forsaken village or do some daring rescue of our friend and hope that cultists are rich (we have expenses).

Meanwhile Abbas woke up bound up in some cellar somewhere with leering cultist keeping watch.

At this point we hit “Quick Save” and continue this adventure next time.


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