Mysterious stranger from the West

Another session report from my old school D&D game, this one is couple sessions after the last one, once again narrated by brave one legged nervous breakdown called Jivin.

Last session had ended after we raided the local snake cult hideout/minor temple in basement of the inn. We had burned one of the fields outside village as distraction and slaughtered the inn-keep, sheriff, one deputy, some random goons and taken the other deputy prisoner for questioning. Also we where very busy hauling the cultist snake idol back to town (worth 5000 silver). We had managed to load the man sized idol and unconscious prisoner to our donkeys when the angry cultist mob started to get close. We where unsure where they more upset because of the field or because we had the idol…

In the end the real reason didn’t really matter since it seemed that the lynch mob was getting to the lynching part. Me, Padre and Kore, always keeping the important stuff in mind, started to lead our pack donkeys out of the village while the Hoval and Baul started epic bluffing to keep the villagers/cultists at bay. Some trick archery and the appearance of a mysterious stranger on nearby hills at opportune time managed to bluff and intimidate the villagers to think there where dozens of bloodthirsty men hiding in the nearby woods waiting for violence and we all got away unharmed.

Back at the civilization we got to know our new friend, proceeded to sell out loot and question our prisoner. Over the period of week we centered our activity to city of Bachau north of Orlen. Everyone had their own errands to run but we managed to get proper price for the snake cult idol and there was much rejoicing, the 5000 silver was probably the most valuable single piece of ill-gotten gain we had ever sold. We also checked on our acquaintance Ilika Wanne who had been commissioned to sell most of our loot from the Tomb of the Iron God. It turned out that he had indeed found a buyer and he had sent the items over and was waiting for the payment, both his and our share.

That went just as well as it sounded, the money was one week late and Wanne had not heard anything of his merchant contact during that time. Looks like we have some unfinished business and over 3000 silver to collect in Valacia to the east. We had the creeping suspicion that it had something to do with magical dagger we had found in the Tomb. The dagger the merry Russian monks where also interested in. Speaking of the monks, Padre, Hoval and Baul used the week to check the situation in Komanesti, where Baul kept his priced fighting dog Balrog and the closest settlement to Tomb of Iron God. We (meaning Padre) had some nooks still unexplored in the Tomb that he was supposed to clear for the inquisitor. Apparently the three heroes managed to talk extra time for finishing the task so we wouldn’t have to go there right away. It was rather depressing place and had already cost me my leg. Not really interested in going back there.

Me, our new friend and Kore stayed back in Bachau and in midst of all the commerce and drunken revelry questioned the prisoner. Our new friend apparently knew a wizard of some sort who could hypnotize the prisoner to answer our questions. The deputy cultist knew only little, he didn’t seem to be anyone important in the cult. We found out that the cultist where rather fanatic, he said he was ready to die for the cult. The cult had a proper temple in the village under the church of Harry and that there where two priests there, Padre suspected the actual priestess and the groundskeeper. The temple was supposed to be under the church through a hatch and there was secret room where they kept prisoners (initiates) before taking them to some other place for initiation. The other place was somewhere outside the village, the deputy had been taken there blindfolded. We couldn’t get any details of the initiation out of the deputy, he seemed to have been drugged or some other way confused when he was initiated to the cult.

Our new friend Frederik (if my memory serves) from Famsterdam far in the west had an idea. Let’s go back to village, kidnap the priests and hypnotize them for interrogation. We would get excellent info on the cultist temple with locations of all traps, valuables, guards and other relevant details. After that we could just waltz in, rob them blind and after that kill them. I’m always in favor of simple plans that involve robbing cults of their valuables.

We bought new supplies, I got myself a crossbow since I have been very stiff after losing my leg and can’t yet fight properly in melee, better stay at range and shoot the bastards.

We made our way back to village of Orlan and waited for the night. Me and Padre in our plate mails stayed behind while the rest sneaked into the church to find the priest. Kore and Hoval had bought various poisons and planned to drug the priests and bring them back the forest where me and Padre where so Frederik’s wizard buddy could hypnotize them.

So far everything seems to go as planned, our strike has been away for some time and we haven’t heard any kind of alarm from the village or church…


It was late when we got to the church so we used “Quick Save” option had will continue from that point next week.

The mysterious stranger was new player that joined our group bringing our total to 6 players. He brought with him multiple characters, one was the Frederik fellow who appeared at the right time in right place at the beginning of session to provide the +2 bonus to lynch mob intimidation that secured our success and safe return to civilization with loot. His other character was the wizard fellow (whose name I didn’t hear) with the amazingly useful custom researched improved sleep spell that basically hypnotizes people to waking dream where they answer any questions without hesitation with the best of their knowledge.

Other notes from this session was that 6 people feels like the maximum you can have in game like this. There was lots of multiple people shouting at the same time trying to be heard by the GM, especially in the mid session logistics phase where everyone went their own way. Some of the chaos was attributed to the players in question, half the group just sat and stared in confusion while the rest did everything weird and stupid, like telling the Russian monks that we had tried to sell the dagger we had promised to them but that we couldn’t give it to them now because it was stolen from us… They also blurted out our latest finds (the snake cult) to the inquisitor and tried to get him to help dealing with it. Luckily he considered the Tomb of Iron God to be of greater importance and did nothing at this point. I’ve always been of the opinion that mixing the Church with looting and pillaging is a Bad Idea™ because the Church tend to have different priorities than hungry adventurers. And the Church can get very violent about their opinions. And declare people witches or something worse.

But we continue looting the snake cult next time.


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