Baltic D&D House Rules 1

Hello again, this time it’s first collection of house rules from my Baltic D&D campaign based on Basic D&D Rules Cyclopedia.

These are mostly house rules I wrote up when designing the campaign, many are about modifying character classes. All of them were taken into use straight to first session.

Weapons and armor for classes

All classes can use all weapons and armor.

This is mostly about reducing limitations that don’t make much sense for example LotFP uses this same approach and I think it was the first place I came across this in retro clones.


Of course allowing all classes to use all weapons and armor makes fighters lose one of their big class features over other classes so they kind of feel like they need something. I solved this by giving them two new class features.

Fighters improve their weapon damage die by one category.

d2 > d3 > d4 > d6 > d8 > d10 > d12 > d20

Fighters receive +1 bonus to AC if they are wearing armor, using a shield or both. This works especially nice if you use ascending AC.

Both of these combined should return fighters to their proper place, being total bad asses in combat.

Elves and dwarves

Elves and dwarves have semi-fighter role as well so some minor changes need to be made for them as well. Elves require lot of experience to level so they should have enough abilities and dwarves really are just tanks with some additional thief like abilities related to stonework.

Elves get the fighter damage upgrade ability.

Dwarves get the fighter AC bonus.

All these rules have been play tested for single session so changes might come when more actual play experience is gathered.


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