The Adder (not to be confused with Black Adder) is a gamer living in Helsinki, Finland.

I’m not exactly an old gamer by RPG gaming standards but neither am I young. For instance I wasn’t even born when Dungeons & Dragons started it all but I do know what THAC0 is. My first roleplaying game was not any edition D&D but Finnish translation of Chaosium’s Runequest. For the record, my first edition of D&D was AD&D 2nd edition revised. Besides D&D, fond memories come from WEG D6 Star Wars.

Same goes for computer games, I started with some good old Lucasarts adventures like Monkey Island 2 and Indiana Jones and the Fate of the Atlantis, space combat sims like Wing Commander and X-Wing and strategy games like Civilization and Master of Orion. The good old times when content and game play was more important than pretty presentation. I do like modern games as well but I have the nagging feeling that I’m getting old because there seems to be only couple of good new games worth buying each year. Lately I’ve been buying lots of old games from Impulse and Steam as well as trying out indie games that remind me of the good old times.

Actually, I do sound old when reminiscing like that. So, I’m becoming old gamer fast.

Besides gaming, I geek about computers and technology.


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