Baltic D&D House Rules 1

Hello again, this time it’s first collection of house rules from my Baltic D&D campaign based on Basic D&D Rules Cyclopedia.

These are mostly house rules I wrote up when designing the campaign, many are about modifying character classes. All of them were taken into use straight to first session.

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Ascending AC for Basic D&D

Basic D&D is an old beast that uses descending AC and THAC0. When I was starting this campaign and going through the rulebook I quickly came to the conclusion that I don’t want to do table lookups every time monsters are attacking the PCs. That would get tedious very quickly. I’ve played a lot of D&D 3.x which uses ascending AC and attack bonuses that make the whole attack and defense system very straight forward to use.

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Or rules for modern firearms for Pathfinder.

It seems that my own rule system is on indefinite hold and I’m switching to Pathfinder to run my own Kingmaker style campaign in the near future. The world I set the campaign will the same I used with my own rules so I need rules for various guns. Paizo has published rules for firearms up to around 19th century tech but I need rules for 20th century and future guns so I wrote my own. These are first version and I’m not entirely sure about these. The damage values and prices are something to carefully think. Not sure how expensive these should be, the idea is that player characters can buy these from certain NPCs if they have the money but they shouldn’t be cheap. On the other hand selling them for huge amounts of cash should not be possible. Also the campaign is supposed to be lower magic (magic item wise) then regular Pathfinder so these should replace some of the magic armaments PCs normally have.

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