Mysterious stranger from the West

Another session report from my old school D&D game, this one is couple sessions after the last one, once again narrated by brave one legged nervous breakdown called Jivin.

Last session had ended after we raided the local snake cult hideout/minor temple in basement of the inn. We had burned one of the fields outside village as distraction and slaughtered the inn-keep, sheriff, one deputy, some random goons and taken the other deputy prisoner for questioning. Also we where very busy hauling the cultist snake idol back to town (worth 5000 silver). We had managed to load the man sized idol and unconscious prisoner to our donkeys when the angry cultist mob started to get close. We where unsure where they more upset because of the field or because we had the idol…

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Grand Theft Donkey

Long time no see, time to get updating again, starting easy with one session report from very home brew old school D&D campaign.

Session report 31.7.2012

Today’s session opened with one returning player so we had bit of character creation/logistics to do at the beginning as well as figuring out where everyone was after summer break.

When we had organized our lines we had three heroes for today, Jivin the Amazing Iron Legged Man (your narrator), father Padre, devout follower of Harry and Abbas Jewish alchemist/medicine man. We decided to go investigate village of Orlan due to rumors of poisoned wells, mystic evil, charmed villagers and many-headed beast snatching children in the night.
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Feathers, tusks and moles

I’m not dead yet.

Lot of stuff has happened since the last session report, holiday season, couple of session, me being sick and hellishly busy at work.

Quick recap of the couple of last sessions before today’s session. Heroes tried to get the dragon again, this time they found the lair when the dragon was returning to it and tried to climb up to it. Unfortunately they fooled around with magic and alerted the dragon and the same player lost another character, this time to the dragons fiery breath when he was halfway up to cliff and couldn’t get away. Rest barely managed to make it back to town of Edge. Continue reading

Dying is hard

Two of my player characters tried to die but only one succeeded.

Latest session didn’t have that many events but we got down to good old fashioned survival trip back to town while wounded in unknown and hostile forest.

The session started with assessing the damage the dragon had done to their hired men and wagons. Also couple of players that had missed last session where present today and their characters showed up as well. The players who where not present in this session had their characters return to the town of Edge along with the surviving mercenaries and dragging the half burned wagon and badly scared ox with them. Rest of the characters (Rydiger, Borgo and Edelbert) decided to chase the dragon while the trail was still fresh.

Rydiger knew the general area where the dragon had gone, almost one day journey north of Edge up the river. Since Rydiger was experienced hunter they decided to take go straight through the forest instead of returning to Edge and starting from there. The trip to the base of the mountains was uneventful.

By nightfall the heroes arrived close to the point where vegetation started to become sparse and they set up camp for the night. Nothing major happened during the night. First snow covered the land and the heroes food supplies came under attack from a fox. Rydiger was on watch when this happened and he angrily drove the fox away when the damnable thing was eating his dried herrings. Rydiger seems to have issues with anyone touching his herrings or food in general.

Next day Rydiger goes to scout the nearby cliffs and search for the dragons (assumed) lair/cave/something. Rydiger finds couple of caves but they are unfortunately too small for dragon to fit in. The cliffs are rough and elevation changes sudden but Rydiger doesn’t get hurt and doesn’t encounter any dangerous beasties.

The dangers are all in the forest. Borgo and Edelbert stayed in the forest and slowly made their way to the cliff with their mule and rest of the gear. But fate would have none of that, little before Rydiger returns they encounter a goblin patrol.

Borgo and Edelbert try to hide but realize that their pack mule might not be able to hide on its own. Borgo knocks the mule unconscious and tries to drag it behind a rock he’s hiding behind. Apparently that is not enough since the goblins start pointing their spears at the mules legs peeking from behind the rock.

Borgo Badger, the unimportant son of noble family Badger decides this is his moment to be a hero. Edelbert feels the same and they jump out to deliver death. Borgo pulls out his axe and charges the goblins like Conan. Edelbert is not Conan and gets his crossbow tangled into bushes. Borgo Conan reaches the not completely surprised goblins and bats the first spear away and slays a goblin with mighty blow. Alas, Borgo is not Conan and the two other goblins slay him. The first spear blow knock him out cold and the other just finishes the job.

Edelbert has managed to pull his crossbow free and starts shooting the goblins. They in turn charge him and epic battle of attrition ensues. The goblins manage to get steady amount of small wounds on Edelbert, slowly wearing him down. Edelbert on turn doesn’t get any hits with his crossbow thanks to the goblins shield and his own wounds. In the end Edelbert falls as well.

Rydiger returns and finds Edelberts dog frantically running around and the scene of battle. He finds the bodies of Borgo and Edelbert behind the same rock they tried to hide behind. Edelbert is still alive and Rydiger manages to get him back to his feet. Most of their valuables and the mule are gone, taken by the surviving goblins.

The heroes were in no shape to continue tracking the dragon so they decided to head back to Edge to resupply and recruit more heroes. The problem was that Edelbert had multiple wounds and couldn’t travel very fast. They would not make it to the town before dark.

Another incident happened during the trip that showed something about the true character of Rydiger. Rydiger and Edelbert where traveling along river and suddenly spotted another group of goblins coming from behind them. The goblins hadn’t noticed them yet but they were coming their way. At this point Rydiger abandoned Edelbert and ran away to save his own skin. He got away and hid in the forest. Edelbert quickly scampered deeper into the forest and managed to hide. The goblins walked by talking in their own language oblivious to everything that had happened.

Edelbert and Rydiger where reunited after the incident and made it back to Edge in silence, arriving after dark. Rydiger paid Edelbert’s room at the inn without further arguments.

Next time, more goblins and dragons and a big game hunter.

Dragon at the Edge

Last session was one of those sessions when the players did something completely unexpected.

Player characters decided to follow a rumor about dragon terrorizing Great Eastern Road and the bounty promised for it. They asked around at East Tinbluff and learned that the dragon had been seen around the town of Edge, last spot of civilizations on this side of the Eastern Trade Route. So they got supplies and started the 8 day journey to Edge.

The journey started without troubles, PCs encountered Juha Öppi and his wagon. Juha sells exotic pets to nobles and merchants in west and this time he had monkeys in his load. After some haggling, Jenna Krystal bought a mascot for her real estate business, the price was one bottle of hair spray.

The party was closing Edge when they met the next travelers. Coming around the bend they saw few wagons ahead and men fighting around them. It seemed that there was one group of masked men attacking a merchant caravan. Continue reading

When in doubt, have some mushrooms

Couple of days ago we played the second part of the adventure in East Tinbluff where the miners were restless. Probably should have written this couple of days ago but Skyrim and Battlefield 3 happened like they usually do. Let’s hope I remember all the important details and observation I made during the session.

One of the PCs had gotten a job at the mine and he was invited to bring himself and his pickaxe for a meeting during lunch hour. He did so and found out that their foreman and leader of the rebellion Jurgen had heard about some foreign woman telling lies about him around the town. They were going to go throw her out of town with force if necessary. This of cource was one of the PCs in last session.

Our here at the mine was torn between staying hidden and warning his companions/employer. In the end he didn’t go with rest of the miners but tried to follow them quietly and deliver warning before they got to their target. That didn’t completely succeed. Continue reading

Communist miner rebellion

First session of my d12 play test campaign took pleasantly surprising direction.

This was the very first session of the campaign so some basics things got written down first. The starting place of the campaign is the City of Snakes and the local lord is Count Thaddeus Snake who’s ancestors stole wisdom from snakes and tamed the land. City of Snakes has university where you can study theology and  sciences. The count is great benefactor of the university and especially the sciences department. Considering that the world is based on Renaissance period Germany this is exceptional. Another exceptional thing just outside the town is the star faring Guild’s compound.

All good stories need an inn so we got one, the Huge Crow. Huge Crow is favored by student and university faculty, food and beer are plentiful and cheap. The specialty of the place is that there chess sets on every table. Huge Crow servers as the home base for our intrepid heroes and this is where they started gathering their first rumors about what was going on in the county. After buying some drink and touring other local bars as well the player characters managed to hear following rumors: Continue reading