Today was a good day. Today mail delivered some dice.

GameScience DiceThose are GameScience dice by the way. They are not available in Finland (to my knowledge) and all places I’ve found on the net have quite high postage. I got this bunch from Finnish miniature wargaming forum, one guy had had small web shop selling miniatures, wargames and related stuff but closed shop and was selling his remaining stock cheap. Being the collector I am, I naturally bought his remaining stock of pretty colored precise dice.

Players beware, I’m rolling random numbers!

In other dice related news.

Hit Location DiceI’ve actually had these for some time but these little fellows where part of the inspiration for doing d12 based RPG rules and entirely responsible for the hit location rules. If I hadn’t found out these I might have left hit locations out of the picture or done different hit location system. Thanks to there being ready dice with hit locations I built my rules around these dice. They are made by Koplow Games.


3:16 Carnage among the Troopers

Today I was playing 3:16 in my regular haunt, university’s RPG club. We started the night with 11 players. The start was bit chaotic with everyone shouting over each other and some of the more experienced players helping first time players with their characters. Situation improved bit by bit as people started to die and some left the game early.

Most of the dead players were executed by their fellow troopers. I’m not sure if it was the very crowded small room or people just getting fed up with the slow pace because the player of the major (first casualty) was giving conflicting orders to his squad. Also, I’m not sure if the conflicting orders were because he was messing with us or because he was drunk or both. Anyways, the major was executed by his sergeant. The other sergeant was promoted to major and and that triggered another trooper vs. trooper conflict when the new major clashed with his corporal. The corporal was trying to pull rank on him because the first major had put him in charge of the first squad… The corporal was executed by the new major and his lackeys.

Anyways… after these two episodes the player count had dropped to 6 and things started to move forward again. We actually managed to complete some of our mission objectives, saving friendly forces from lifeforms. Rest of the mission was actually quite good. All the usual 3:16 mission silliness ensued, our drop ship getting shot down just when we were supposed to go pick up last group of survivors, troopers almost dying to grenades and people using strengths and weaknesses to kill lifeforms or save their asses instead of executing their COs

Adder in the manor…

Hello reader

Brave beginning and my first ever blog. It being first is bit surprising since I do web development for a living but here it is. We’ll have to see where it goes.

The real need why I started this blog was to share some though about my gaming hobby (both computer and tabletop) to my friends. Currently that means my Pathfinder RPG Second Darkness campaign and upcoming campaign I’m currently planning.

Posting are probably irregular until I get this blogging thing going and start the habit of posting everything that is suitable content for this blog. Also the theme, layouts, widgets and all visual stuff on the blog are at their default. They are not priority, I’ll fix them when I have time and get enough inspiration.  First priority is content, especially the upcoming campaign. I need to get everything online so prospective players can see it.

More to follow…